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Burak Hamdi TUFAN

I am a software developer experienced 12 years and here to share all my programming experiences. I have worked on so many platforms and programming languages especially C, C#, C++ and Java. I am studing PhD at Kocaeli University on Aviation Technologies. I am building softwares and technologies on aviation.

What do we need to build own Drone?

Drons are becoming popular day by day nowadays. If we need some drones we can find them in some stores, but what if they are not what we need ? In this article we are gonna talk about what we need to build our own drone.

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PHP ile CURL Kullanımı

PHP ile CURL kulanımı - Thekodprogram

Herkese merhaba bu yazıda sizlere PHP dilinde CURL kütüphanesinin kullanımını anlatacağım. CURL bot yapımında sıkça kullanılan bir işlemdir. Şimdi temel olarak kulanımına bakalım.

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